Vince Vaughn has been online since 1998. I saw Swingers in fall of 1996 and decided to start collecting some Vince Vaughn pictures (not much back then) and launched the site in early 1998. Here I am 8 years later and I'm still putzing around with it.

"I figured if I was class president, I'd have to graduate - you can't flunk the class president. I ran and won, and that made it so much easier."

Vince Vaughn explaining why he ran for his high school senior class president, Rolling Stone Magazine, June 12, 1997

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Remember: I'm not Vince Vaughn and I do not know him. Please do not email me your interest in meeting Vince Vaughn. I cannot arrange this. Please do describe to me your Vince Vaughn sexual fantasies. I am not interested. Please do not ask me for a Vince Vaughn autograph. I do not have it.



Movie Actor, LaLa Land

Don't I know you from ...?

Originally fast talking retro-styling Trent Walker in Doug Lyman's 1996 indie-hit Swingers. Now, many more may know Vince as Jeremy Klein in Wedding Crashers or Beanie in Old School.

Where might you spot Vince?

Holiday Club on N. Sheridan in Chicago.

Who might be holding Vince's hand?

I guess no longer Jennifer Aniston!

Ever notice that ...?

Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, and Will Ferrell are together everywhere in the movies. Known to some as the "Frat Pack," keep it coming, guys.