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Increasing your Ejaculate Volume to Cum More

Unless you’re considering your personal fertility, most people don’t pay attention to the amount of semen that they ejaculate. What those same people don’t realize is that there is a direct relationship between the amount of sperm that your body produces and your overall sexual potency. Put simply, the more sperm you have, the more potent that you’ll be in the bedroom.

How, you might ask?

Read on and discover the simple, painless trick to having amazing, mind-blowing orgasms by increasing your ejaculate volume.

Sperm Volume is the Key

The more ejaculate you produce, the more intense and pleasurable that your orgasm will become. The length of your orgasm is tied directly to the length of time it takes your body to release all of the semen you have stored up. Increasing the volume of your ejaculate also has a variety of other benefits, including:

  • Increased potency.
  • More frequent erections
  • Harder, stronger erections
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased desire

cum-more-adviceSome studies have shown that having sex more often is tied directly to increased sperm production.

Producing enough sperm to keep up with an active sex live also help to ensure overall reproductive health, by constantly keeping blood flowing through the groin and genital area. This encourages healthy tissue growth.

How can I Increase my Ejaculate Volume?

In addition to semen enhancement, there are a few things that you can do to help you cum more. Would you like to know what the easiest and most important step is?

Maintaining an active sex life and… change your diet.

A healthy, balanced, and vitamin rich diet can help to increase your ejaculate volume by adding a variety of vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a diet filled with fast food and processed meals. Many diets are lacking in:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • B-12
  • Selenium
  • L-Carnitine

And a variety of other trace minerals and elements that are essential to healthy sperm production. By changing your eating habits, not only will you increase your sperm and ejaculate volume, but you will begin to feel better overall. A healthy diet can help you increase your energy levels and lose weight as well, both of which can help increase your sexual satisfaction and your overall enjoyment of life.

semen-pillsAre Semen Pills a Good Option?

There are a variety of herbal supplements marketed as a way to help increase your sperm count and ejaculate volume, but are they a good option?

Herbal semen pills can be a great tool to help you cum more sperm if you have already taken the steps to change your diet and still find some trace minerals or vitamins missing from your diet. They are not, by any means, a cure all and should always be taken according to directions.

If you do decide to take semen pills, it is important to monitor both your results and any possible side effects that you may experience. Also, if you are currently taking any medications, make sure to consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet, because they may interact with your current prescriptions.

FertilityWanna Cum More? Beware of Fertility!

Increasing your ejaculate volume is a great way to improve your orgasms and increase your overall sexual enjoyment, but it has some problems as well.

First, increasing your overall ejaculate volume, especially if you use semen pills to achieve your results, you also increase your sperm count, which in turn increases your fertility.

Secondly, shooting more cum could cause you to overfill a condom, increasing the potential risk of pregnancy.

If you’re planning on trying to ejaculate more sperm, it’s important to talk to your partner about it too. If you’re not trying to start a family with your current partner, you may wish to either reconsider your decision, or doubling up on your current contraceptives.


When it comes right down to it, weak ejaculation is going to damage your sexual confidence and interfere with your ability to enjoy your sex life. If you decide to try and increase your ejaculate volume, you should always try to use the healthy techniques first. Changing your diet can have a great number of positive effects on your life outside of the bedroom as well as in.

If you do decide to start taking pills to cum more, make sure you discuss it with your doctor, and only use them as a last resort. Healthy, natural means for increasing ejaculate volume do work, but they don’t create instant or overnight results.

Looking for Love? Sex Addiction Warning!

Looking for love is hard, especially in today’s world where we’re both constantly connected and constantly separated by our reliance on technology. Online dating can be a useful tool, but it also put the user at risk of meeting a person who’s addicted to sex. Here we’ve collected a few useful bits of information to help you identify sex addicts before you become involved in a relationship that you might come to regret.

sexual-addictionWhat is a Sex Addict?

Sex addicts are defined as individuals who continue to indulge in sexual activities even when these activities cause physical or emotional pain. Those individuals often seek more and more dangerous sexual behaviors until they progress to the point of becoming sex offenders.

These behaviors can but don’t always include:

  • Adultery
  • Voyeurism
  • Illegal Exposure
  • Compulsive Masturbation
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Pedophilia
  • And others

Why don’t sex addicts just stop having sex?

Sexual addiction is not something that the individual is in control of. It is an often irreconcilable compulsion that cannot be controlled, redirected, or avoided. These compulsions can sometimes be managed by following a Twelve Steps program, similar to the programs that are offered to help alcoholic or narcotics addiction sufferers.

Is it really a serious problem?

Sex addicts often find themselves stuck in situations where they hurt those that they love. Sex addicts have lost their jobs and even been arrested due to their behavior. It’s as much an addiction as alcohol, drugs, or gambling, and it requires the same sort of support and treatment to overcome. Unfortunately, unlike drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction comes with a stigma that causes these addicts to hide their addiction, or attempt to deal without any sort of support, making it nearly impossible to overcome the addiction.

helpWhat treatment options are available to help treat sex addiction?

The most common treatment used to professionally treat sex addiction is known as cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. These therapy sessions help the addict learn techniques that can help them identify the events or behaviors that trigger their behaviors. If the behaviors are severe enough, they may require inpatient treatment, where the patient is restricted to a care facility until their behaviors can be controlled.

If therapy alone is not enough to help control the behaviors, prescription medications can be prescribed. Antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and other medications can help treat the symptoms of the addiction, as well as other mental illnesses that can manifest because of the addiction, such as depression and anxiety.

There have been some studies that suggest that the medication Naltrexone, which is used to reduce the effect of narcotic medication and addiction, can be useful in treating sexual addiction because it causes a marked decrease in sexual compulsion s and sex drive.

So, how can I know if I’m dating a sex addict?

While it’s impossible to diagnose a sex addict just by spending time with them, there are a few things that you can look for to help you figure out if you’re dating a sex addict.

  1. They never tell the same story twice, and you may find some inconstancies in their stories. If all they’re telling is lies to everyone, it gets hard to keep everyone’s story straight.
  2. Preoccupation with unsafe sex. If you’re not in a committed relationship and you’re not planning on starting a family, then there’s no reason to have unsafe sex. If your partner starts insisting on it, they may be fixating on the thrill of unsafe sex, which is a sign of sex addiction.
  3. No Time Alone. Serial dating is often a sign of a sex addict. The addicts jump from partner to partner, often cheating on the partner that they’re currently with.
  4. You’re asking. If you’re asking whether or not you’re dating a sex addict, then there’s a good chance that your partner has given you reason to think about it. If you feel like you’re in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship, it’s important to start eliminate those toxic people from your life.


If you’re worried that you might be dating a sex addict, then you should take the time to step back and consider your relationship. Sex addiction is a real issue that needs to be addressed, but it’s not something that you need to risk damaging yourself to repair.