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How to Pick the Best Penis Pills for You

Do a quick search for male enhancement pills, and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of results. Trying to find the right product for you can be intimidating at best and extremely expensive at worst, especially if you end up paying out of pocket to try out a bunch of different things.

Here I’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help you find the best penis pills to suit both your needs and your budget.

best-penis-pillsRemember: Penis Pills Don’t Work the Same for Everyone

Just like every other over-the-counter medication, these male enhancement pills will not work the same for each user. Some users may have immediate, fantastic results from taking best penis pills while others are not satisfied after many weeks of treatment. It’s difficult to say which pills will work the best for you without a bit of trial and error and that can be expensive.

Before you pick out a pill, spend some time researching and the like, to discover what kind of results other users have had from a particular product.

How to Choose the Best Pills

What other details should you consider when choosing a male enhancement product for you?

  1. All-natural products are essential. All-natural male enhancement herbs may not be as effective as their prescription counterparts but they are available without a prescription. Most of them offer fantastic results without any nasty side effects.
  1. Look for something crafted in the United States. There are a great number of male enhancement supplements produced outside the USA, but be aware that some of those pills contain a black-market version of the prescription drugs, which should only be taken under the supervision of a physician. Taking pills produced outside the USA without medical supervision can be dangerous or even deadly.
  1. doctor-endorsementLook for Physician Endorsements. It’s easy to throw a variety of herbs in a pill casing and call it a male enhancement drug but all it ends up doing is making people sick. Legitimate male enhancers often have objective medical studies, as well as endorsements from physicians to back up their results. Those endorsements are a great way to learn whether or not it will do what it says it can do.
  1. Pay Attention to the Guarantees. It’s inevitable: male enhancement is expensive. Effective penis pills can cost up to $200 for a 3 or 6 month supply. Most people don’t want to shell out that much money for a better erection. That is why most of the best companies offer satisfaction and money-back-guarantees if you are unsatisfied with the results that you’re experiencing.
  2. Does It Do What You Want? This is probably the most important thing to look for when you’re picking out a male enhancement product: does it offer the benefits that you’re looking for? Are you looking for good penis pills that can increase your ejaculate volume? If so, then you don’t want to buy something specifically for producing harder erections. There are also a number of pills that are advertised as doing everything, including increasing the size of your penis. Avoid those at all costs. No matter what they may promise, even the best pills alone cannot increase the length and girth of your penis.

penis-pillsWhat Different Types of Penis Pills are Available?

There are a variety of different pills available and each does a different thing. The most commonly advertised pills are designed to:

  • Help you get an erection
  • Help you keep an erection
  • Help you last longer in the bedroom
  • Increase ejaculate volume
  • Increase sensitivity

There are also prescription pills that are used to treat a variety of sexual diseases and disorders.

So, if you are considering adding a male enhancement to your normal regimen, you should also consider visiting your doctor first. Not only will he or she be able to tell you if you are healthy enough for sexual activity, but they can help you decide between over the counter male enhancement and prescription medications.

Most people never consider taking penis pills, but they could be the one little thing that turns your sex life from mediocre to magnificent.

Penis Enlargement: Stretching, Pills, and Pumps – Do They Work?

big-penis-sizeThere are plenty of websites, products, and companies that offer the same thing; make your penis bigger, thicker, and harder.

For many men, the idea of penis enlargement is a dream comes true.

These pills, pumps, stretchers, and surgeries all claim to be able to increase the size of the penis quickly and easily. Do these claims hold any water or are they all smoke and mirrors?

Erection Pills

There are more penis pills on the market than it is possible to count. Some claim to create harder erections, some claim to make you last longer in the bedroom, and others claim to increase the size of your penis. While some of these pills can help to increase your stamina and sexual enjoyment, none of them can increase the size of your penis, and those that claim to do so should be avoided.

erection-pillsWhat erection pills do is help to increase blood flow to the penis.

This can help to increase the hardness of your erection, and even help to increase the pleasure that you can take in your orgasms.

The increased blood flow does help to improve penis health, but it will not help to improve the size of your penis.

Pills designed to increase the hardness of your erection can make it seem like your penis has increased in size, but that is merely an illusion.

penis-pumpPenis Pumps

Air assisted and water assisted penis pumps are used to help increase the blood flow to the penis by using a vacuum to pull extra blood into the penis and add gentle tension on the tissues.   This tension causes micro tears in the tissue, similar to those that occur in muscle while you exercise. The additional blood flow to the penis encourages new tissues growth which can, over time, begin to increase the size of your penis both when erect and flaccid.

The danger with penis pumps is in the possibility of over-pumping. This becomes more of an issue with air assisted pumps, because there is no medium to prevent all of the air from being removed from the vacuum tube. Over-pumping can lead to a soft, purplish erection instead of the hard one that you’re probably looking for. It causes the capillaries within the penis to burst, releasing the blood into the surrounding tissues, much like a hickey. Unfortunately, it’s infinitely more painful and can even require a trip to the hospital to treat.

If you do choose to use a penis pump to try and increase the size of your penis, it’s important to spend the money on a high quality water assisted pump, and to always use it according to the directions. Don’t expect to see results overnight either. Penis pumping can increase the size of your penis, but it takes weeks to see any real results.

penis-stretcherPenis Stretchers

By far, the most effective way to obtain any gains in penis size is by using a penis stretcher. Also known as a penile traction device, this item uses tension to stretch the penis gently, encouraging new tissue to grow.

This over time can increase the length and girth of the penis.

These devices are most often used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, which is an abnormal curvature of the penis that causes the formation of painful scar tissue.

Like the penis pump, it is important to obtain a high-quality penis stretcher. If possible, consider ordering a medical grade stretcher, because it will be made of the highest quality materials and offer a great verity of customization options for different penis sizes. Many inexpensive stretchers don’t are made of cheap materials that can break if used too often, and may not work at all for below average penises.

Also, like the pump, it is important to realize that these things take time. One recent study showed that men who wore the penis stretcher for up to 12 hours a day could see results in as little as 6 weeks. Most men, though, tend to wear the stretcher for significantly shorter lengths of time and will usually see results in 20-24 weeks.


Penis enlargement is possible. It’s not fast, it’s not easy, and it’s not cheap, but it is possible. If you feel the need to increase the length or girth of your penis, be prepared to invest in the proper equipment, and avoid ‘miracle pills’ at all costs. There are no pills that can increase the size of your penis, period.

Why Do Women Masturbate?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, women do masturbate. As is the case with men, there are plenty of reasons for women to lock the door and rub one out on their own. To help dispel some of the myths about women and masturbation, we’ve gathered some facts about the subject. Let us help clear away some of that fog.

  1. female-masturbationImproves Mood.

    Having an orgasm, via masturbation or intercourse, releases a variety of ‘feel good’ hormones, including dopamine and oxytocin. These help to create a natural high that improves women’s overall moods.  

    Having an orgasm via masturbation eliminates the pressure to perform or the stress that can occur while having sex with a partner.

  2. Helps with Sleep. Sex is a great way to exhaust yourself and fall asleep, but masturbation allows you to do the same thing without worrying about having to satisfy a partner at the same time. Masturbation, for both women and men, helps them to feel more relaxed afterward, making it easier to drift off to sleep.
  3. Can help with menstrual cramps. Orgasms cause the uterus to contract, which can help with the cramps that normal accompany monthly menstruation. Masturbation also increases heart and breathing rates, similar to exercise, which can also help to alleviate painful cramps. Many women exercise during their period specifically because it helps relieve cramps more effectively than any over the counter medication. Masturbation and orgasm has much the same effect.
  4. better-sex-lifeImproves Sex Life. One of the biggest problems that women have with sex isn’t the inability to orgasm with a partner: it’s the fact that they don’t know their own body.

    Masturbation helps women learn what works best for them while still enjoying all of the benefits of regular orgasms. It’s a win-win for both women and their partners, because if a woman is able to enjoy sex more, she is more likely to relax, achieve more orgasms, and be able to focus more on her partner as well.

    The more comfortable you are with your body, the better your sex life will be.

  5. Vibrators Come in Every Shape and Size. Masturbation doesn’t have to mean that men or women have to be restricted to using their hands. Vibrators and other sex toys come in just about every shape you can imagine (including a variety of fantasy-creature styles, if that’s what floats your boat) and there is definitely something for everyone. The best part: if you find something that doesn’t work for you that is fine! Not every toy works for every person, and there is definitely at least one toy out there that will satisfy your needs.
  6. Improves Sex Frequency.Masturbation gets a really bad reputation as a replacement for sex or something that you can become addicted to. On the contrary, masturbating on a regular basis can actually make you want to have more sex with your partner. The more you masturbate, the more you think about sex, so the more you think about sex, the more sex you want. Plus, it can be a great way to incorporate a little sensuality into your relationship when you or your partner isn’t in the mood.
  7. Multiple orgasms. This is pretty self explanatory: there is no reason, other than exhaustion, to stop at just one orgasm. Men may be limited to their single climax, but women are not restricted by such limitations. If you’ve got some time, don’t stop with just a quickie. Working toward multiple orgasms while masturbating is also a great way to learn what your partner will need to do to help you achieve the same result while having sex.
  8. No Negatives. There are, quite literally, no negatives to masturbation. You can’t get pregnant, which is one of the biggest things that cause women to shy away from sex. You can’t catch any sexual transmitted diseases. There are no negative side effects or anything that you need to worry about. Just lay back and enjoy yourself!
  9. It’s Awesome. This is the main reason both men and women masturbate: it’s freaking awesome. No strings attached orgasms are some of the best things in the world, and women enjoy it just as much as men do, if not more!


Hopefully we’ve managed to teach you something about women and masturbation.

Yes, women masturbate.
It’s not something that is limited exclusively to the male gender, and it really doesn’t deserve the negative reputation that it has garnered over the years. Masturbation is awesome. Period.

Adding Sex Toys to the Bedroom – Good or Bad Idea?

Sex toys can be a great way to add a bit of spice to your masturbation sessions, but do they also make really good additions to the bedroom when you’re with a partner?

sex-toysDo they really add something to your sexual encounters or are they going to leave you feeling inadequate?

We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help you add sex toys to your intimate encounters.

Do not think that your toys are going to replace you.

The whole point of bringing sex toys into the bedroom for either partner is to enhance your sexual experience together.

By bringing some new toys into the bedroom, you can easily spice up your sex life and bring your collective orgasms to an entirely new level.

  1. Communicate. Don’t just drop a new toy or gadget on your partner. You’ve got equal chances of being met with interest and revulsion, and sex toys are not generally returnable. Before you go toy shopping, make sure you talk with your partner.

    Discuss what sort of things you want to add to your sex life and what toys you would like to try to achieve those things. You may be surprised with how open your partner is to the idea, but it’s important to broach the subject with them before you go shopping.

  2. Start slow. If you want to try something new, start out slow and work your way up. If bondage is the newest thing you want to try, don’t spend a ton of time learning shibari rope styles when you’re not even sure if you or your partner are going to end up liking it.

    Buy some comfortable rope cuffs or some fuzzy handcuffs and start from there. It’s quite literally like learning to walk; if you jump right into running a marathon, you’re going to hurt yourself, possibly badly. Start at a walk and work your way up in to the really exciting stuff. Besides, the anticipation of trying something new makes it even more exciting!

  3. SPEAK UP! Don’t continue using a new toy or technique if you don’t enjoy it or it makes you uncomfortable. All that’s going to do is ruin your desire to continue having sex. If you don’t like something, make sure you speak up and let your partner know so you can either adjust it so it’s enjoyable or leave it out altogether.
  4. Use what you have. If you’re thinking about adding toys to the bedroom but don’t want to invest a ton of money, consider using what you already have on hand. Panties or other undergarments can make great make-shift restraints. Cell phones can double as vibrators, even without spamming phone calls to keep it active: most smart phones have vibrator apps that you can download. Even the innocent bobby pin can double as an adjustable nipple clamp!
  5. shop-togetherShop together! Don’t just start picking up random toys without consulting your partner. Instead, start planning a joint shopping trip. Not only does it give you a chance to communicate your preferences, shopping together can really ramp up the mood and make your toy introduction even sexier.
  6. Find out if she already has one. Most women own at least one toy, for use when they’re on their own or with a partner. If you’re interested in adding toys to your sexual encounters, try asking your partner if they already have one that they really enjoy using. If she’s interested, try adding her personal toy to your sexual escapades. She already knows that she enjoys this toy, so adding it to your encounters has the potential to make her orgasms totally mind blowing.
  7. RELAX! Just like any other encounter, adding toys to the bedroom is only fun if you RELAX! Stressing out over the toys or over having sex will make it harder for you to enjoy yourself, and if you’re stressed out mood spreads, it can ruin the entire evening! Don’t focus on the toys, just do what feels right and everything else will fall into place.

Don’t get discouraged if your partner isn’t interested in bringing toys into the bedroom. While they can be a great tool to help increase your enjoyment and make your orgasms even greater, not everyone is comfortable with them. And remember: they aren’t the only way to spice up the bedroom! Just remember to talk to your partner, and once you know what you both enjoy, feel free to be a little creative!