Having Erection Problems and How to Solve It

It happens to the best of us, even the studs in your favorite x-rated films: problems getting it up or going limp in the middle of a lovemaking session, every man’s worst nightmare. The key is to remember that you’re not a freak and chances are very good that you don’t have something wrong with your own equipment. While there are some who have never been able to get rock-hard erections that may suffer from circulatory or other biological problems, for most of us, it’s more of a bump in the road as we get older.

Before anyone can solve your erection problems, it’s important to know the situation, as there are many common, and often minor, reasons for preventing an erection.

Have you been out of practice for a long time and suddenly find that it’s taking you longer to get hard or requires more effort to stay hard? Has it been a gradual decrease in hardness? Both of these scenarios point towards mental problems, one with stress/anxiety and the other with focus-related issues.

no-erectionLet’s take a look at these common mental blocks and more with tips on how to return to that boyhood vigor you enjoyed.

Stress and Confidence

The two of these problems are not the same, yet they affect your libido and erections the same way. Too much stress and your mind is locked out from really experiencing outside stimuli and being “in the moment” when your lover is showing you how turned-on they are.

Not enough confidence means you’re overthinking about everything and not allowing you to just “feel good” and let the blood flow to where it needs to be: in your cock, plain and simple.

Low confidence is easily overcome through lots of practice and getting past any hesitation to communicate with your partner. Stress obviously needs to be addressed by what is causing you to be stressed, rather than treating the symptoms.

Old Habits Die Hard

It’s too easy to assume it has to be a physical problem when you used to get hard as an ox within seconds of watching erotica. The truth is, though, your viewing habits can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally, depending on how you use it.

The average experience of our young, horny, and insatiable selves is typical all about busting a nut as soon as possible to avoid detection. If this masturbation habit carries into our adult life, it creates an unrealistic situation when it comes time to perform. Not to mention that you stick to the same sitting position and hand strokes, which tells the brain that variety is discouraged.

You can improve your erections by improving your masturbation habits.

Start by incorporating the “edging technique” into your erotica viewing. This is essentially about exercising your penis and gaining control over your erection. With edging instructions that you can find online, you will learn to harness your mental and physical power through breathing and positive feedback from learning to stroke yourself to the edge of your orgasm and stopping, yet staying fully aroused and rock hard.

Edging also helps treat premature ejaculation, which obviously can spell the end of an erection. Edging can even teach you the rare ability to cum multiple times. This is because edging maintains a high state of arousal and even if you fail to stop an ejaculation, your high arousal will make you want to keep going (using your cum as lube is a nice bonus!).

Final Tips to Get Started

eroticaA good strategy that may not be mentioned in edging guides is to find some good movies that is best suited for longer sessions.

Eroic romance is a great category, even if it’s not your favorite, because of the pacing and long scenes. There are also edging-specific compilations, sometimes called “challenges,” that motivate you to keep “it” up.

Reaching for alternative male enhancement supplements can also be a solution for you, but these should be a last resort when all other options and outside factors have been accounted for.

Read more: http://www.medicinenet.com/erectile_dysfunction_ed_impotence/article.htm

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