How To Give Her Orgasm To Remember

With all of the advice on sex out there, it can be confusing or downright intimidating to the average Joe who is looking to increase their performance in the bedroom. The truth is, though, most of the advice of these so-called sexperts is either too basic or too complex for you to remember when the curtain is drawn and you’re suddenly overcome by those primal urges and, possibly, bad habits.

sexual-satisfactionMen can’t help it, we were made with very basic sexual needs, while women are much more advanced and respond differently to different stimulation.

This guide is created to cover various techniques that you can easily add to your sex game, which can be shared with the woman that you’re trying to give said mind-blowing orgasm to.

  • K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple, Stupid

The average sex expert will make you think complex sex positions or techniques need to be memorized like a field manual in order to give pleasure to all women.

What you should be doing: The real truth is that if you’re thinking too much about what you’re doing, that means you’re not paying attention to the woman’s reactions and subtle cues that lead you to her orgasm.

  • Under the Hood

Men have come to learn the importance of the clitoris and how it is required to bring the majority of all women to climax, but most miss the fact that the clitoris is more than just that pearl sticking out.

What you should be doing: When you pull back the clitoral hood, make sure your tongue is paying service to the entire shaft of the clit, including above and below it with your tongue. Sucking and humming on the clitoris allows you to reach nerve endings that are hiding under the hood, so alternate with those motions and you’ll give more pleasure and more depth to the orgasm.

  • Switch Gears

This might sound obvious to more experienced guys out there, but simply drilling your lover as much as possible before you orgasm is not a solid strategy. Women are most receptive to subtle changes in strokes and getting the best “friction” inside the vagina, so to speak. That means different things for every woman, as no vagina is identical.

What you should be doing: In order to maximize each thrust into her and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you have to experiment with different angles, speeds, and patterns. That means going slow, even stopping, can lead to more pleasure for a woman if you keep her begging for more. Going hard and fast is obviously money when she needs a quickie or if there has been enough buildup for her to demand it, but in most situations: variety is the spice.

  • anal-playButt, Play for Fun

Anal play is by far the biggest trend for the next generation of lovemaking.

That doesn’t mean every woman is having full-on anal sex, but it does mean that it is much less taboo to have some type of anal stimulation. Simply rubbing the outside of her anus can be enough to send her over the edge.

What you should be doing: Obviously, anal play requires great comfort between both parties, always communicate your interest in playing with her butt before attempting to put anything near there. With that said, start things slow with just a finger while going at it doggy, it’s important for her to be aroused first. With enough lube and patience, anal can be an easy way to bring your woman to orgasm, even if it doesn’t progress to full-on sex.

In short, it’s all about increasing the layers of pleasure to send her over the edge.


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