Why having a bigger penis should not be your desire

The size of a man’s penis is automatically tied to his manhood, how much he can please his woman, but most of us know that is merely an antiquated stereotype that just refuses to die.

There are many reasons why you should be happy to be an owner of a five or six incher, which is the average size of all men in the world. Even if yours is smaller than the average, you shouldn’t let it determine your happiness, as it certainly doesn’t mean you can never please a woman. Let’s look at all the reasons why having a bigger penis isn’t the ticket to instant happiness.

big-dickBig dicks intimidate and awe.

Many women are afraid of big dicks in real life. Unlike pornstars who have trained their bodies to take a pounding, your average gal needs to be comfortable with any lover they sleep with, especially one with a 11inch cock that curves to the side.

Keep in-mind, the average size of a woman’s vagina is 5inches. The coveted G-spot is a mere 1 inch deep. Large dicks are more likely to hit the back of a woman’s cervix, which IS painful to most women.

How you use it always matters.

The common consensus among women is that a man that knows how to pleasure them and hit the right spots is always preferred over a man who has a bigger penis but is a selfish lover. If you have a small penis, you will be trying harder to give a woman pleasure by listening to her and implementing all aspects of a successful lovemaking session.

Guys with small members typically will curve up, if you’re one of those, you will make a lot of women happy by mastering the G-spot pound. Women love to grind on a man’s dick when they ride on top, too, so their pleasure is increased greatly for men whose penis lines right up with them.

great-sexAnother added bonus of having a small penis is the increased likelihood of having anal sex with any woman who has never tried it. In fact, most women who dislike anal sex have usually had a bad first experience with a guy who has a large penis and the shock of something so massive entering them.

Improve your penis size and strength.

Just because you have a small penis, doesn’t mean you can’t make it bigger, harder, and stronger. A popular method of increasing a man’s size and strength is through the use of cock rings. These little bands will increase the blood flow into your penis and prevent it from escaping, giving you stronger and harder erections. Some men already enjoy squeezing the base of their cock and balls, like a cock ring, because it adds more sensitivity to the head and shaft and pulling the balls just feels good.

An added bonus to using cock rings is more stamina and stronger orgasms. Before going out and buying any, be sure to avoid metal cock rings for your first buy, these can create serious problems if you can’t get them off after you’ve already blown your load and have blood flow trapped for a long period of time.

Taking things one step further, men with small penises will often pair their cock ring with a penis pump to really take advantage of the concentration of blood flow. This can also cure erectile dysfunction problems without the use of male enhancement supplements.

A man with a small penis can perform just as well as one with a large one in the bedroom. Improving your foreplay and oral skills will keep your girl more than satisfied, even if she does actually prefer bigger dicks. The key lies in being able to serve the needs of your partner, not satisfying your own ego, which any woman will agree is not the norm in society.

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